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"The truths of life lie in the Stars,
But the strength of it lies in your Powers."

- (via serenade-me-poetry)

"Why not be a star,
When you can live so far?
Why be a pain in the heart?
When from the beginning you can start.
Why not be my last puzzle piece?
When from afar you can be a tease.
Why not be the love of my life?
When your memories always hurt like a knife."

- (via serenade-me-poetry)

"Its all mist when in perfection"

- (via serenade-me-poetry)

"Whether its love or lust,
There’s always something that is rust.
In this big world of pain,
Would you be able to keep me sane?
I’ve tried every way,
But my labour always goes away.
With nothing to result,
I now have a whole sorrow cult."

- (via serenade-me-poetry)


Are cats even real?

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It’s okay if you love someone else. All I want is for you to be happy.

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